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Obligated to the study of my mind

A feeling just washed over me that says that I don't HAVE to go to sleep.

But it passed very quickly...

I wish I could have that feeling of no obligations more often. It's like even when I have no obligations, I still feel obligated to something. Does that make sense? Maybe it's okay, though.
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as you know, I lived nearly a year of my life without many daily obligations. And it's a bad thing. Having structure in your life, including a daily schedule, is a good thing cuz in a way it actually gives YOU more control over your life because it motivates you to get things done, rather than putting them off for as long as you feel like. Plus, with all of the sleeping problems you have, it'd probably be best to go to sleep before 1AM, even if you don't HAVE to.
Structure is nice for getting things done, but man... I would love to have like, no obligations for a month and my friends not have any either, and just run around and be hobos essentially.

...you don't HAVE to go to sleep, but you'll have to wake up sometime. :)