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Post the first TWO (real) sentences from each month of 2007...

January: Once again, my heart is not with me. Hah, more walking along blindly through these hallways.

February: Yeah, so... on Tuesday, I went with Jen to her school. Upon walking through the hallway, we passed her former psychology teacher, Sanjay Paul.

March: Wow, it's March! :o That's all I can say to express my "astonishment".

April: Yesterday, my stomach really hurt and I could barely walk 'cause of it, so I stayed home bells 1-4. I came in at lunch and went to bells 5-7.

May: I've always told myself that I'd do something weird or just generally be strange, the last few weeks of high school. Now, it's here, and I'm just not totally sure what to do.

June: As soon as school's out, I unconsciously begin to screw up my sleep schedule. This explains why I'm up at 3AM printing out an AIM conversation between me and Jon, for the purpose of taping it in here to describe some of the finer details of my most recent trip.

July: No entries in July.

August: This is not the entry that will explain EVERYTHING. No, that entry will have to be written in the evening, when I reside in Kiawah Island with my parents, when there is nothing better to do.

September: Some of the most notable events in my summer haven't been transcribed yet, simply for the reason that they are too detailed to be written out. I normally write things down, but when everything piles up, it's really hard to sit down and find the willpower to spend hours documenting everything that's been happening.

October: I've felt very inspired about upcoming plans, recently! It's so hard to believe that it's October, mainly because it's still a little too warmish outside for my preference.

November: Well, in the past few days, there has definitely been quite an odd turn of events. In several ways, really.

December: It's so strange that the time is nearly upon me. ;_; I don't know if I fully believe it yet.
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