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I wish that that could just be fine.

That's our cat now. The neighbors left her behind when they moved. She liked us better than she liked them. Her name is Josephina. I guess that she's not really mine, because I'm moving in but a few days, but it's still pretty exciting.
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Aww she's so beautiful!
:) Yeah, she actually looks like our old cat, Beanie. Only Beanie was like 3x fatter.

I like the way you used your cat icon, hehe.
That's awful that they just left her behind like that -- at least she has a good home now. :)

I'm sure your family pwns the other family anyway, psssh.
Yes, we really did. They just wouldn't stop adopting kids! :p They had like 15 of them. Jeez.
Ohhh...she's adorable! :]
:D Yes, I love kitties.

Kind of random, but where in NY do you live again? Anywhere close to NYC? I forget...
She's a gorgeous cat. Too bad you can't take her with you. :(
Good luck with your move.
This is a great photo, and that cat is beautiful. :D
Yeah, she is. ^^ And my friend Jen actually took that photo for a school assignment. :p It's a really nice camera!
Aw, cute picture and cute cat :)
My friend had a cat like that, she said they're called 'torties' or something (I'm not familiar with cat breeds, I've only had one who was a tabby named Mike). This cat however, is very lovely. We can't get a cat anymore, sadly my mom's allergic, so we're getting a dog.