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What is wrong with me?

Someone invited me to join a facebook group for supporting Mike Huckabee. It had a picture on it, and only the picture caused me to question whether or not he's really as bad as people say he is. I dunno... the picture just made him seem so helpless and harmless to me. It made me feel bad for him, and almost made him seem kind of cute to me. And then I started to read his viewpoints for that reason. I don't agree with them, but somehow I still believe that he's an okay person.

Here's the picture:
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have you seen the movie jesus camp? if not, it's worth to just to see how people like huck are so sincere in their lunacy. this, to me, is the part that makes it really, really scary.

btw, sorry i missed you at the show. i have my phone back from last semester & forgot i hadn't put your number in it. i'm around for a couple weeks more if you still wanna get together.
you say sincere but the guy looks fucking psychotic in that picture.
Yeah, he sure does. I guess that's what makes me feel bad for him. And I have a thing that people like to call a "pity fetish". I don't really think it goes so far as to be called a fetish, but that's just what people say when they make fun of me. :/
Eh, I just don't think politics should be mixed with religion. I saw some movie in World Religions on radicals like him (and like in Jesus Camp) who want to take over the government and make all the laws Christian like. (Some rules were like, no dating or holding hands, no alcohol, no drugs, no sex, etc. It was a little outdatish for today's society.)

I don't really understand politics or anything too well, but that is a good picture actually. Makes him seem a little less insane and more like a human being who really believes he's working towards the greater good. Now, John McCain. He's a real looker. *Gags*
Noooooo Danielle don't do it
Hahah, do what? Vote for him? I would never. :p
yeah, that's what i've always thought... he seems like a nice person with a great sense of humor, but there's no way in hell i'd want him to be president.
He looks like a squirrel in that pic
Hahahh, you're right.
huh yeah. he seems kinda harmless in that picture. i agree.

although i don't agree with his views either, he's probably one of the most entertaining politicians i have ever seen. i've seen him play bass, do a hilarious cameo on SNL, and quote Chuck Norris "facts" in a YouTube video.
i know how you feel...that picture looks so innocent
awww dani has a wittle cwush on mike phuckawee =D